Empowering businesses by improving website visibility through Just and Truthful SEO practices.


Speaks about Ethical SEO at conferences and corporations.


Founder of Austin SEO Meetup and co-founder of Texas Freelance Association.

Scott True

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Scott True empowers businesses by improving website visibility through just and truthful SEO practices. His company, True Inbound, specializes in improving SEO by using legitimate technical optimization practices alongside truly compelling content and design. He refuses to buy links or cheat the system in any way, and still boasts impressive results.


Scott stays true to his passion and focussed on SEO while collaborating with the best freelancers in the industry to ensure that marketing is holistic.

SEO Audits

True Inbound is known for taking audits to a whole new level. They’re totally manual, extremely thorough and comes with a roadmap and instructions. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before


Current audit tools barely scrape the surface. It’s time to re-invent audit automation — and that’s exactly what Scott is working on.

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Have No Idea What Your SEO Does? Well, you should.
There are no secrets in SEO. That’s a myth. We take transparency to a whole new level.


Search Engine Optimizer and Speaker Scott True empowers businesses by improving website visibility through just and truthful SEO practices. His company, True Inbound, not only utilizes legitimate technical optimization practices, but also comes alongside business owners and webmasters to create websites and content that really do attract traffic. Whether a client needs an evaluation, modifications, or an SEO overhaul, Scott is able to produce results which not only reflect authentic rank and usefulness on the web, but also protect business owners from the dangerous side effects and negative consequences of unethical SEO.

Scott discovered his passion for SEO while working as a realtor. After hiring a few SEO specialists who were unable to give a report of activity because “their methods were secret,” he became curious and began to investigate the process himself. What he found was a mix of legitimate technical know-how alongside some very questionable short cuts. While testing some of these strategies on his own site, he managed some incredibly successful results. Using what he would now call “grey hat” strategies, he was able to claim 4 spots on the first page of search results for a number of important keywords. These results were fantastic, obviously, but he didn’t feel right about bumping four realtors who had earned their spots through decades of experience selling homes and gaining trust in the community. Google’s ranking system exists to help people find the most popular, useful results, and there are serious, extremely damaging consequences for businesses that Google identifies as unethical—when Google gives a website a low ranking or de-indexes it altogether, it can take years to rebuild.

In SEO (and in life), principles matter. When you start with the right principles, you won’t have to decide whether to cut corners and blur lines—you’ve decided in advance. Your core principles guide you, so there’s no battle, no worry, no remembering which tricks you’ve already used. Scott carries a strong sense of what is right and has a deep value for transparency, and he enjoys being one of the “good guys” in the SEO arena, so he’s not afraid to expose SEO as not-so-mysterious, after all. Shelley Delayne, the Owner of Orange Coworking, says, “Scott True is the embodiment of his last name—honest, straightforward, and true to his word. If he says he’ll do something, you can bet he’ll deliver it as promised, probably better.”

Scott is dedicated to taking the SEO audit to the next level by providing an incredibly thorough evaluation of a site’s SEO, as well as next steps task list and resources and recommendations for moving forward. He is committed to delivering more than people expect—even when they’d be happy with less. Scott speaks at conferences and corporations around ethical “white hat” SEO, and is developing software that will take SEO audits to a new level. He also founded the Austin SEO Meetup and co-founded the Texas Freelance Association.

Scott lives in Austin but sleeps in Bastrop. When he’s not unraveling the mysteries of SEO, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, riding motorcycles, traveling, and adventuring in general. He thrives in unfamiliar environments and loves engaging new places without any solid agenda. Looking to connect? Shoot him and email or find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.


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